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Merit Protection Boards

Contact Merit Protection Boards

Merit Protection Boards
Level 4, Casselden Place
2 Lonsdale Street (corner of Spring Street)
Melbourne Victoria 3000

Telephone: (03) 7022 0040

About Merit Protection Boards

The Merit Protection Boards is an independent statutory body established under the Education and Training Reform Act 2006 to:

  • advise the Minister and Secretary to the Department of Education about principles of merit and equity to be applied in the teaching service;
  • hear reviews and appeals in relation to decisions made under the Education and Training Reform Act 2006 (except section 2.4.59F (Unsatisfactory Performance), section 2.4.61 (Misconduct) and section 2.4.61A (Serious Misconduct)), or any other Act;
  • advise the Minister or the Secretary about any matter referred to them by the Minister or the Secretary relating to merit and equity in the teaching service; and
  • hear reviews and appeals in relation to any decision prescribed by the regulations to be a decision in respect of which there is a right of review or appeal to a Merit Protection Board.

Each board consists of three members selected by the Senior Chairperson from the following three pools of people.  Persons who have been nominated by the Minister to be chairpersons; persons who have been nominated by the Secretary; and employees in the teaching service who have been nominated by the Minister.  The Senior Chairperson is Steve Metcalfe, Greg Donaghue is the Manager/Registrar and Shaun Corbidge is the Assistant Registrar.

The Merit Protection Boards provide an independent mechanism to hear appeals and grievances for employees of the Department of Education and associated education statutory authorities. Appeals and grievances include transfer and promotion, sexual harassment and discrimination, incapacity, grievances of a general personal nature and grievances in relation to police record checks. Appeals and grievances are heard in the metropolitan area and regional centres, as appropriate.

The Merit Protection Boards, through the hearing process, must ensure that all applicants receive fair and equitable treatment and that the principles of natural justice apply.

Access to the processes of the Merit Protection Boards is available to all employees in the Department of Education including teachers, school-based non-teaching staff and public servants.

In addition the Merit Protection Boards run an extensive program of training in the principles of merit and equity for executive class, principals, teachers, education support class employees, executive officers, public servants, allied health and nurses. These programs are offered in metropolitan and country locations.

Annual Reports

The Annual Reports of the Merit Protection Boards and the Disciplinary Appeals Boards are contained within the Department's Annual Reports and commence on the page numbers listed below. The Department's Annual Reports are available here

Department ​Annual ReportPage number for DAB/MPB Annual Report