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Training Materials for Executive Class, Principals, Teachers and Education Support Class employees

Ministerial Orders - HRWeb

  • Mnisterial Order No. 1006 (Selection Grievance - Principal)
  • Ministerial Order No. 1038 (Part 3, Division 2 - Suitability for Employment)
  • Ministerial Order No. 1038 (Part 5 - Personal Grievance - Teaching Service)
  • Ministerial Order No. 1038 (Part 9 - Selection Grievance - Teaching Service)
  • Ministerial Order No. 1039 (Personal Grievance - School Council Employees including Casual Relief Teachers)

Teaching Service Training Slides

Recruitment in Schools - Policy and Advisory Library 

Questions and Answers  

Legislation - HRWeb


Role of Merit Protection Accredited Person on Principal Selection Panels 

Role of Secretary's Nominee as Selection Panel's Representative at Principal Appointment Grievances  

Role of Merit Protection Accredited Person on Selection Panels 

Good practice checklist

Interviewing - common decision-making faults 

Hints for Best Practice - Referee Reports

Common Biases in the Selection Process

Selection Panel Documents


Merit Protection Boards/Disciplinary Appeals Boards brochures: 

Selection or Personal Grievances

Disciplinary Appeals


Department contacts - HRWeb

Equal Opportunity, Discrimination and Harassment - HRWeb

Workplace Contact Officer Network - HRWeb

Employee Assistance Program

Department's Policy and Advisory Library

Department's Human Resources web site, HRWeb