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Legislative Framework for decision making

Public Sector Employment Principles

Public Administration Act 2004

Minimum standards for selection on merit

Equal Opportunity Act 2010

Attributes on which discrimination is prohibited

Education and Training Reform Act 2006


Definitions of merit and equity in employment

The principles of sound personnel decision making

Effective staff selection in practice



Selection panel

Role and responsibilities of selection panel

Confidentiality requirements

Selection strategy


Information gathering

Information verification

Selection reports

Providing feedback

Role of Merit Protection Boards

Types of Appeals and Grievances

Appeals and Grievances

Eligibility/Grounds/Boards procedures/possible outcomes


Public Administration Act 2004

Victorian Equal Opportunity Act 2010

Education and Training Reform Act 2006

Ministerial Orders (Teaching Service Only)

Recruitment in Schools (Teaching Service Only)

Recruitment and Selection in the Public Service (VPS, Allied Health and Nurses Only)


The training takes place over approximately three and a half hours.