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Victorian Public Service Employees

Review of Action

All government departments have a review process to ensure that concerns of employees are dealt with promptly and fairly.

The Merit Protection Boards is an independent statutory body established under the Education and Training Reform Act 2006 (ETRA). Its functions include hearing reviews and appeals of decisions made under the ETRA (except sections 2.4.59F, 2.4.61 and 2.4.61A) and the Public Administration Act 2004 for Victorian Public Service (VPS) employees who are employed by the Department of Education and Training.

In accordance with regulation 6 of the Public Administration (Review of Actions) Regulations 2015, the Secretary to the Department of Education and Training (the Department) has delegated the Merit Protection Boards to conduct initial reviews of action (personal grievances or selection grievances) of employees of the Victorian Public Service, including Executive Officers, Allied Health staff and Nurses, who are employed by the Department.

When a Personal or Selection grievance is lodged the Merit Protection Boards’ Senior Chairperson will refer such an application to a VPS Review of Action Board.

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